Our "Best For Project" Philosophy

About Cementation AG

Cementation AG (Aboveground) specializes in designing, procuring and constructing multi-faceted systems and facilities for unloading/loading, storing, conditioning and processing minerals. As part of the Cementation USA operating group and our affiliation with the global family of Murray & Roberts Companies, we are well-positioned to carry out work in the USA and wherever our Clients take us.

Our team has a strong history of delivering systems that enjoy outstanding reliability, and are designed with Total Cost of Ownership in mind.

A key part of building enduring relationships is delivering value for money, value that is created by being accountable. To us this means formulating real solutions tied to mutually agreed performance measures with incentive/penalty stipulations.

Our fundamental approach is centered on acquiring a clear understanding of the challenges, gathering facts, identifying gaps, and then collaboratively formulating a path to success.


Cementation AG - Safely Handling & Processing Minerals

Safely → systems reflecting environmental, health & safety stewardship
Handling → moving, stockpiling, storing, un-loading and loading
Processing → crushing, screening, grinding, extracting & concentrating
Minerals → industrial & energy minerals, metals, aggregates, etc.