Managing Certainty of Outcome


In any project, the most significant element in terms of risk is construction. We integrate engineering and construction teams to streamline the construction process and mitigate the safety and the commercial risks inherent in any major project. Cementation AG’s pass-gate approach is designed to establish and build upon a solid plan coupled with controlled execution. Safety, quality and productivity are embedded in every phase of our program:

Phase 1 – Project Preparation and Readiness

Assemble project-specific scope, contractual obligations and performance requirements that will be used to orient the Construction Management Team.

Phase 2 – Mobilization and Management Infrastructure Set Up

Mobilize the Construction Management Team and establish/initialize the systems, processes and procedures that will be used to manage the project.

Phase 3 – Team Orientation and Execution Plan Implementation

Fully brief the mobilized Team on the approved execution plan, key contractual stipulations and the safety, quality and productivity performance objectives.

Phase 4 – Work Execution and Resource Management

Perform work, monitor and assess progress, report performance and follow up with any adjustments/course corrections at the earliest indication of the need.

Phase 5 – Close-Out and Performance Evaluation

Demobilize and close out the project in accordance with contractual, turnover and archival requirements. Feed learned lessons and value-added innovations/best practices into the Improvement Program.