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Amax Coal Company
Eagle Butte Mine

All project management, detailed engineering, procurement and construction management services were provided for an addition to the Eagle Butte Mine to increase its coal receiving and crushing facilities from 4,000 to 8,000 TPH. The new facility addition included installation of a new truck dump hopper, fitted with two 84" apron feeders, feeding two two-stage quad-roll crushers each discharging onto a single 72" wide collecting conveyor. Ancillary facilities were also furnished to include an electrical boiler plant to heat the structure, and a dust collection system to meet federal and state air quality standards. The heating and dust collection systems utilized the concept which directs heated air (discharged from the dust collector system) through a heat exchange (heat wheel) to recover the otherwise lost BTU’s in the dust collector exhaust. This efficiently preheats incoming outside air required for the heating system.

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