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Granite Rock Company
Logan Quarry

Engineering, procurement and construction management for expansion of Granite Rock’s Logan Quarry. The project consists of dry screening, tertiary crushing, wet screening, sand classification, reclaim, blending, rinse and loadout facilities. Design rates for the plant is 1,550 TPH for the dry circuit, 1,500 TPH for the wet circuit, and an average of 2,500 TPH for the reclaim and loadout. Fractured granite is mined from an open pit quarry, fed to a mobile primary crushing unit located in pit and conveyed to the plant for further crushing, screening and washing. Sized materials produced in the plant are reclaimed from storage piles and blended to produce various concrete, asphalt, drain and fill specification products. Blended products are conveyed and stored in elevated bin compartments located over truck loading lanes and a rail loading conveyor. The bin compartments are sequentially filled upon demand with the various products. Truck scales running the length of the loadout lanes allow accurate loading to a targeted weight.

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